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CFA breeders
CFA breeders in japan
cool website
Russian Blue Breed Council
Russian Blue Fanciers
Fabrege CFA
Friendly International
FBRL -Russian Blue-
Cool Pet and Animal Sites
Russian Blue Web Ling
dmoz-Russian Blue-
non CFA breeders
Pixies Blue Sinfonie
Welcome to Yuki's home! Arbiter elegantiarium
Blue Berry Brilliant Disguise
Maruko's Diary Blue-Bis*PL
Negimadamono Russian Blue Cat Club NEW Cattery Bestava
Chiaro di Luna
Russisch Blau in Gera
Ruskis Cats
Die Russisch Blau Rassekatze

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* Breeder:Breeding on CFA standard, Breeding "Blue" Russians only, Keeping kittens over 13 weeks.
* Fans:keeping Russian Blue indoors.
* World:Breeding "Blue" Russians only. Keeping kittens over 13 weeks.
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